From Americana design to French classical sculpture, Rare Coins or Chinese Antiquities, Art Glass & Pottery and Sterling Silver we represent at auction the finest items for collectors and investors alike. We bring curated catalogs of exquisite Antiques and Rare Decorative Arts from the finest Estates for sale to buyers in an advanced online and live auction system. With a global online presence, GoodLife Auctions sells worldwide on, Invaluable and Live Auctioneers.

GoodLife Auctions provides appraisals and sales of Estate Fine Jewelry, Valuable Art & Antiques and Rare Coin Collections for estate trustees, fiduciaries and private collectors. Whatever your antique, art, coin or jewelry appraisal needs may be, contact GoodLife Appraisals at +1 866 294 0150 to speak with an appraiser for an accurate and affordable valuation. We are located in Newport Beach, serving Los Angeles, Palm Springs and all of Southern California.

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Getting your Item Shipped

If you have won an Auction Lot, you will be sent an email noting final settlement price or "Lot Value" which includes "gavel price" and "buyers premium". Click the link in the email to pay your invoice. Shipping is not included in this invoice and you must contact our Shipping Department to discuss and pay for shipping options. The default shipping on all auction lots is 'Local Pickup' however we ship U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx and DHL. We also have a number of local packing and shipping companies that can independantly handle your mailing or LTL freight shipping of larger items.

Buyers may make Shipping and Packaging arrangements with any 3rd party shipper. GoodLife Auctions is not responsible for any auction item once it has left our dock or warehouse facility. If you select GoodLife Auctions to handle the shipping of your item, we will send an additional invoice email with shipping costs. All shipping options will include Freight, Packaging and Insurance for the full gavel price plus premium. We will always pick the most economical priority shipping rates among USPS, UPS or FedEx to ensure that your item arrives quickly and safely. If you prefer to have us ship using another means or via Ground, please contact us before paying your settlement invoice. Be sure your Account Profile has the correct shipping address.

Please note our Standard Shipping for all items is:

  • Handling time of 1-3 days
  • Ships 2-3 Day delivery
  • Priority Mail or Express Mail
  • Insured for the "Lot Value" (gavel price plus buyers premium)

We reserve the right to select a different shipper or shipping method and bill or refund you the difference if we determine at the time of shipping that there are incompatibilities with the method of shipping selected. Heavy or or oversized items including large vases, paintings, bronzes, bags of coins, etc will most likely be shipped USPS Ground and especially if they are valued over $200. Please discuss options with our Shipping Department for safe delivery of your item.

Valuable Items

Valuable Items are defined as items with a combined "Lot Value" of over $200.00 and includes most jewelry, coins and certain antiques.

Please note our standard shipping for Valuable Items is:

  • Handling time of 1-5 days
  • Ships 2-3 Day delivery
  • Priority Mail or Express Mail
  • Insured for the "Lot Value" (gavel price plus buyers premium)
  • Signature Required
  • Hold for Pickup

For most Valuable Items, we ship USPS or UPS as FedEx will not insure jewelry or coins. Your item may be shipped and held at the Post Office or UPS distribution center for your safety and security. You may explicitly waive this policy but must notify us in writing at the time of settlement. For items over $1000 of value (hammer price + premium) we will ship Registered US Mail, 2-3 day. Registered US Mail only ships "Hold for Pickup" and "Signature Required" as standards. Registered US Mail has a USPS chain of custody to make tracking of your shipment mandatory and helps to eliminate theft.

Shipping of Coins

Most coins ship according to our "Valuable Items" standard. However, we try to make our coin shipments more economical for common and less valuable items. Bulk coins, including bags and rolls are typically sold as a single lot however, due to their weight, they must be shipped according to our Standard Shipping policy. The following is our standard for coin shipments and is subject to change from time to time as methods and rates change.

Please note our standard shipping for coins is:

  • Handling time of 1-3 days
  • Ships 1st Class U.S. Postal Service
  • Flat envelope up to 1/4 inch
  • Coins individually wrapped
  • Rigid stiffener inserts to protect and hide coin profiles
  • $1.50 minimum plus $1.25 per $20.00 of final Bid Price.
  • Combined shipping will be discounted 10% on 4 or more lots.
  • Shipments over $150.00 will be charged additional insurance.

Please note, we may combine multiple lots whenever feasible. We do not hold lots from shipping to wait for your additional auction items to close. In most cases, we will only combine lots paid for under the same invoice.

Example coin shipments:

You won 5 coin lots totally $96.00 including buyers premium. Your items will ship USPS 1st Class Mail in a rigid envelope with stiffeners to hide the coin profiles. Each coin will be secured so it cannot move inside the envelope. Your shipping costs will be $7.75 for 1st Class delivery.

You won 2 coin lots totally $184.00 including buyers premium. Your items will ship USPS Priority Mail in a rigid envelope with stiffeners to hide the coin profiles or a Flat Rate Priority Mail Box. Each coin will be secured so it cannot move inside the envelope or box. Your shipping costs will be $12.75 for either Priority Mail or 1st Class Delivery with the method used at the discretion of GoodLife Auctions. In every shipping situation, we will select the most secure method for your to receive your coins.

If you have any questions regarding your shipment or options for shipping, contact our Shipping Department, Tole Free +1 866 294-0150, Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm Pacific Time.

Settlement - Paying
Winning bidders will be notified by email immediately following the close of their auction lot that they have the winning bid.* Your Account Profile must have valid and current email information. Please check that it is before bidding. ALL AUCTIONS WILL HAVE THE FOLLOWING: Gavel Price - What the final Bid was Shipping - Buyer Pays all Shipping Packaging - Buyer Pays all Packaging Costs Insurance - Buyer Pays Carrier Insurance Rate for the Full Gavel Price SOME AUCTIONS MAY ALSO INCLUDE: Buyers Premium - Additional Service Charge to Pay for Auction Services (see glossary) If the Auction Lot included Fixed Shipping Costs, this will be noted in the email along with payment instructions. If the Auction Lot requires us to calculate your shipping, please wait until you receive an email containing a final settlement invoice before trying to pay. If you have unique or special shipping instructions, please contact us ASAP after the auction ends and we will include that in our shipping estimates. *IMPORTANT - Remember that your bid is a contract to buy and is contractually enforceable under U.S. Uniform Commercial Codes. Please bid in an auction only if you intend to follow through and pay for the auction.
Local Pickup of Items
Most auction lots are available for local (Southern California) pickup at one of our several warehouse facilities. If you intend to pickup your item in-person, please contact our Shipping Manager to set an appointment for pickup. Local pickup days are generally Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm but an appointment is still required so that we may pull your auction lot from our warehouse. Please bring your PAID receipt with you when you come for pickup - it is the Buyers responsibility to show they have paid. If you cannot show that you have paid for the item, we reserve the right to decline your pickup and reset your appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience but this is to ensure the security of your item. NOTE: Bring your own packaging materials, boxes, blankets, tie-downs and moving equipment. We cannot provide you with these materials or tools. We are not responsible for the safety of your item once it has left our facility.